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Market Updates & Prices

Open: May 24th and May 25th

 Friday 12-6   |   Saturday 9-6


LIVE LOBSTERS starting at $9.99lb


 Text Orders to 860.921.1028


Live Lobster $9.99lb-$13.99lb

Soft Shell Crabs - Maryland  (limited supply}

Wild King Salmon - Alaska  (limited supply}

Swordfish - Brazil

Yellow Fin Tuna - Grenada

Black Sea Bass - CT

Dayboat Scallops - Stonington, CT
Organic Salmon, Loch Duart, Scotland

Halibut - Nova Scotia

Haddock - Maine  

Cod Loin - Iceland
Pemaquid Mussels - Frenchman's Bay, Maine

Maine Steamers  $11.99 lb
Little Neck Clams - Maquoit Bay  $8.99 doz
Top Neck Clams - Maquoit Bay $7.99 doz
Frying Clams, shucked (frozen)  $24.99 lb
Oysters $22 doz
Cora Cressy Selects
John's River
Glidden Topsiders
Shucked (12) w mignonette, cocktail sauce, lemon, Tabasco: add $12

Jonah Crab & Shrimp
Jonah Crab Meat - Port Clyde - 1/2lb, fresh or frozen  $24 
Jonah Crab Claws - Port Clyde - Steamed + crowned 1lb $34  
Jonah Crab Cakes, frozen 2 pack $13.99
Crab Claw and Shrimp Platter (1lb each w cocktail sauce, lemons) $69

Smoked Salmon Caviar Cheese Eel Bouquerones
Caviar: Ukrainian Osetra, Siberian, Sterlette, Baku Osetra
Duck Rillettes by "Three Little Pigs" France $19.99
Brillat Savarin Triple Creme (France) $14.50
Moser Screamer Triple Creme (Swiss) $14.99
Meredith Sheep & Goat Cheese Marinated in olive oil (Australia) $11.99

Catsmo Smoked Salmon 4oz $11.49
Catsmo  Smoked Salmon 8oz $18.99

Catsmo Smoked Salmon 16oz  $34.49
Catsmo Gravlox $49lb (Sold Out)
Acme Hot Smoked (Kippered) Salmon $29lb
Ikura Salmon Roe Cream Cheese 8oz $12.99

Smoked Salmon Platter: $65 with cream cheese or capers, red onion, chopped eggs and black bread.

Acme Smoked Whitefish Salad $8.99 8oz 

Smoked Maine Eel Fillet - $23.99 6oz
Raw Filets of Eel - 16oz  $34.99 lb

Bouquerones al Vinagre, Barcelona $11.99

Maine Dayboat Scallops frozen $24.99lb
Lobster Ravioli $29.99 - SOLD OUT
Finnan Haddie (smoked haddock) $22.50 lb
Swordfish - Nova Scotia $17.99 lb
Cuttle Fish Filets (Frozen) Holland
Sardines - Portugal $12.99/lb 
Lobster Tails 4oz - 12oz $33.49/lb

Fisherman's Chowder - 6oz of lobster, halibut and Scallops.  Veg and clam stock. (No cream + gluten free) $28 Qt

Chunky Lobster Bisque - 4oz of lobster $29.99 Qt 
New England Clam Chowder  $17.99 Qt
Shrimp and Corn Chowder $12.99 Qt
Gazpacho & Cucumber Soup  $18.99 Qt
Vermont Organic Shrimp Bisque 24oz  $15.99 

Lobster Roll - Maine Style. 1/4lb of tail, knuckle and claw w aioli, dill, chives and lemon on brioche $22
Lobster Roll - Connecticut Style. 1/4lb of tail, knuckle and claw  - HOT BUTTERED! $24
Lobster Roll Jumbo. 1/2lb Hot Buttered! $48

Lobster Bake (1.5lb steamed and cracked)  with mussels or clams - market price
2lb Stuffed Lobster, split and stuffed with Jonah Crab Cakes. Broiler ready - market price

Lobster Pot Pie $27.99 (inc $3 ramekin deposit)  
Seafood Flatbread - Lobster,  Scallops or Shrimp, wine cheese sauce, onions (12"x7") $24.99
Jonah Crab Arancini - 6 rice balls w B
oom-Boom Aioli $18.99

Lobster Mac w Gruyere, Parm & Blue  - 1/2 lb lobster meat meat  $44 
Jonah Crab & Artichoke Gratin $34

Steamed Jumbo Shrimp $26.99lb
Grilled Jumbo Shrimp in Garlic Butter $34lb - Order ahead

Stuffed Scallops - 4oz scallops $12.99 
Stuffed Clams - $5.49 ea
Homemade Scottish Salmon Cakes - 4oz $7.99
Lobsters steamed for free.   $2.50 for aluminum tin.  Text ahead to 860.921.1028


Shopping and Ordering

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Fairfield County's Largest Selection of Conservas!

CONSERVAS are not merely about preservation.  In many countries, a culture of artisanal connoisseurship surrounds the preparation of seafood creations - to be appreciated right out of the tin! 


These are the finest artisanal companies today and we have them all!


ABC+, Lisbon, Portugal

Innovative, experimental, and extremely small scale, ABC+ is breathing new life into the world of conservas. 


ALALUNGA Reocin, Spain

Brothers Alvaro and Pablo harvest from the Cantabrian Sea, where seasonally sourced fish are tinned on the spot

in their warehouse down the street.

ATI MANUEL, Lisbon, Portugal

Since 1922, the Manel family’s tradition continues under Luís Mendonça, a successful artist, using his great-grandfather’s feelings and flavors.

CONSERVAS de CAMBADOS, Pontevedra, Spain

Since 1985, Conservas de Cambados has operated their own cannery in Galicia on the Pontevedra River, honoring the traditions of both kitchen and sea.


DA MORGADA, Vila Real de Santo António, Portugal

Da Morgada was founded in 1879 on the southern coast of Portugal. Manuel Maia cast his net in search of delicacies that might otherwise remain unknown. These hand-harvested sardines are known to be the most succulent in the world. Cleaned by hand, cooked on traditional grills and preserved in Portuguese olive oil within hours of them swimming in the ocean.  

ESPINALER, Barcelona, Spain

Espinaler began as a small tavern in Barcelona in 1896. Their selections, paired with Espinaler’s Sauce, will transport you to the Galician coast. Add a glass of vermouth, and you’ll be back at the beginnings in Taverna Espinaler.

FANST, Copenhagen, Denmark

With respect for nature and gastronomic craftsmanship, FANGST has set sail to re-discover and explore the abundance of seafood in the Nordic waters and renew the local culture for canned seafood.


FISHWIFE, Los Angeles, California

This female-founded company is leading the resurgence of tinned fish in the US. The term "Fishwife" dates back to the 16th century, and referred to the daughters or wives of fishermen who sold fish at the market. The term gradually evolved into an insult for women who were brassy and foul-mouthed,


GUEYU MAR, Asturias, Spain

Abel Alvarez is not a chef. He is an artist, an innovator, and above all an asador (grill master). His restaurant sits on Playa de Vega. Woods selected for their aromatic qualities create fire for the on which each fish is kissed. Some go to lunch at the restaurant, while others are preserved in a can for you to savor whenever the moment strikes.

JOSE GOURMET, Lisbon Portugal

Jose Gourmet combs the coasts of Portugal to find seafood of distinction. The artwork of Luis Mendonça on the packaging is meant to pay homage to the fishermen who rely on the lifelong dedication to their trade.


LA BRUJULA, Galicia, Spain

Their state-of-the-art facility is located just a stone’s throw from the Galician estuaries—where most of their fish and seafood is caught and harvested—ensuring freshness. From sardines caught at dawn to their razor clams harvested by free divers, La Brújula is committed to maintaining the environment and furthering the future of marine biodiversity. 


LES MOUETTES D’ ARVOR, Concarneau, France

The Brittany coast is home to the Gonidec family and their cannery, named after the native seagulls, Les Mouettes d’Arvor. Since 1959, the family has specialized in seafood rillettes using ingredients like green peppercorn, mustard, herbs, and fresh cheese. The French coast never tasted so good.


MATIZ, Galicia, Spain

Galicia is known for its extraordinary seafood. The sardines are tender and delicate,and Matiz hand prepares and packs them with the highest quality ingredients. The attention to detail produces a moist, tender and exceptionally flavorful fish.  


NATURAL CATCH, Del Mar, California

Specializing in  Yellowfin tuna, pole and line caught - no nets allowed. Every fish is caught the same way it's been done for thousands of years.  Sustainably sourced respecting the oceans and wildlife and proudly Dolphin Free.


OLASAGASTI, Markina-Biscay, Spain

Sicilian Salvatore Orlando set foot on the Basque coast of Spain in the late 1800s and pioneered long-standing Italian salting techniques along the Cantabrian Coast. Today, his grandson runs the factory maintaining centuries-old tradition and flying the flag for his grandmother’s surname, Olasagasti.

RAMON PENA, Galicia, Spain

There is no better place in the Atlantic than Galicia for Ramón Peña to have mastered his technique. He is first to the morning fish auctions, purchasing the absolute best of each day’s catch. After cooking in fresh seawater, each offering is hand-packed into tins one tasty morsel at a time. Only small producers like Peña, who use time-tested artisan techniques, are able to capture the intrinsic flavors and preserve the incomparable texture of pristine seafood.

YURRITA, Guipúzcoa, Spain

Conservas Yurrita is a family-owned business founded in 1867. After five generations and 150 years, Yurrita is the oldest canning company in Basque Country. Although Anchovies and Tuna are the flagships, an extensive range of artisanal Basque cuisine dishes such as scorpion fish cakes, crab and squid conservas are also hand-made.



Fridays 12-6

Saturdays 9-6




23 Francis J. Clarke Circle

Bethel, CT 06801


Bethel, CT and Bremen, ME

lobster oysters scallops mussels crab clams fish

Cold Water Lobster

Live Lobster

We land over 500,000 pounds of lobster at our dock each year and our graders select the finest table lobsters daily for export to Bethel.


Maine is home to over 200 family-owned oyster farms, growing three million oysters annually.  We feature three or four different oysters each week.

Home of the Cora Cressy Oyster
Jonah Crab is special

Jonah Crab

Jonah Crab meat is a speciality.  We have half-pound containers of fresh picked meat, unpasteurized of course!  We also have the claws in a one-pound container - crowned and ready to savor.  And we have Jonah Crab cakes, made with panko and spices, frozen in a 2-pack.

Fin Fish

The ever changing seasons and fishery quotas determine which fin fish we can bring down each week.   We're proud of our fisherfolks who land their bounty at the dock in Portland daily!

Bluefin Tuna is King
Community Shellfish Lobster Meat Processing Team

About us

Since 2013, the dedicated team of professionals at Community Shellfish in Bremen, Maine have been working to supply our customers with the very best quality of Maine shellfish.   
We have our own lobster dock served by 40 boats; our own oyster farm on the Muscongus Bay. We have a staff of professional pickers and processors. We buy from 100 clammers and mussel farmers. 
There are no middleman between our dock in Maine and your table here in Connecticut.

Whole Scallop

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